Buying Luggage with Paypal

All of the above luggage retailers accept Paypal and you can use it to pay for the order.
If you prefer to use an alternative payment method - no problem.
The above online merchants take most credit cards, so you're free to use the payment method of your choice.

General Online Luggage Shopping Tips

Shopping for new luggage before you go on a trip can be a tricky business that has the potential of driving the consumer nuts.
When your ancient bags are in a poor shape and cannot be used again with confidence, when your exiting luggage is not big or small enough for your trip's requirements or if it's not comfortable enough since it lacks essentials like inline skate wheels, padded straps or shoulder loops, it's time to head to the store.

If you know what you're looking for, it can be easier, if you don't – it can turn to a mine field.
Nobody wants his suitcase to fail miserably and fall apart while traveling and this nightmare scenario can be easily prevented if you'll not sacrifice quality over price.

There are many aspects to consider when you buy travel bags and issues like appearance or color don't need to come first.
Taking all these factors under account, will help you make a smart buy that will satisfy your needs, provide the required quality and fit into the boundaries of your budget.

People don't purchase luggage for short term periods.
A smart consumer will think long term, since these travel bags are supposed to serve you loyally for years to come.
Therefore, if quality and durability are indeed key factors, be prepared to pay more for better product quality and durability.

That's why it's essential to verify that the items you're ordering come with lifetime warranty.
This is important because it means that the manufacturer stands behind his product and is willing to offer support if something goes wrong.
This issue helps you to get some peace of mind that you're buying at least a reasonably quality product.

However, bear in mind that the lifetime guarantee is well worth the extra cost especially if it comes from popular and well known brands, designers and companies that have a proven positive track record among travelers.
Brand name, high-end bags can successfully deal with the typical wear and tear which is associated with traveling.

Here are some of the more reliable and reputable manufacturers in this industry:

Liz Claiborne
Diane Von Furstenberg
Briggs & Riley
Dooney & Bourke
Eagle Creek
Ricardo Beverly Hills
High Sierra
American Tourister
Kenneth Cole
The North Face
International Traveller
McKlein USA

Suitcases and all kinds of bags come in a very broad range of different shapes, styles, sizes, materials and prices.
Make sure you match the luggage that you will eventually buy, not only to your budget, but also to your specific travel pattern needs.

Each traveler may have different criteria for what they're looking for.
Some people are interested in luggage that connect, straps and attaches to each piece and hooks together for maximum convenience.
Others wish to obtain luggage that converts to a backpack, with a detachable laptop bag or with multiple shelves, drawers and a special compartment that can carry a suit.
Define what features are important to you and buy accordingly.

When you choose a carry-on bag, verify that it actually meets all the size requirements and that it fits the plane's overhead compartment or the space under the seat in front of you.
You may want to take a closer look at the luggage that pilots and flight attendants tend to use, since they're very experienced at traveling.

Buy your bags only from credible and reputable luggage stores.
Using Paypal for your online purchases will provide you better safety, security and buyer protection.

Most major luggage sites have a "Sale" or "Clearance" section, where they present discount items which are on sale.
Quite often, this category can include terrific bargains and it's a wise idea to thoroughly scan if it offers any cheap items that you may want to buy for a fraction of the original price.
This is probably the best place to find actual dirt cheap steals.

What Types of Luggage and Bags Can You Order With Paypal?

Here are a few common examples for products that you can find in almost any major supplement shopping website on the net:


• Rolling / Wheeled
• Carry On
• Leather Luggage
• Fabric Suitcases
• Lightweight
• Spinners
• Designer Luggage
• Hard Case / Shell
• Travel Duffel Bags
• Travel Tote Bags
• Garment Bags
• Luggage Sets
• Kids Luggage
• Footlockers & Trunks


• Daypacks
• Hydration
• Laptop
• School
• Hiking
• Wheeled


• Attaches & Briefcases
• Laptop Bags
• Leather Briefcases
• Messenger Bags
• Men's & Women's Laptop Bags
• Wheeled Briefcases
• Airport Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Cases
• Laptop Sleeves
• Netbook Cases

Duffels & Sport Bags

• Travel Duffels
• Wheeled Duffels
• Sport Bags
• Gym Bags
• Hinting & Fishing
• Golf Bags


• Men's Wallets
• Camera Bags & Cases
• Toiletry Kits
• Travel Pouches & Accessories
• Luggage Tags